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I need someone for write 3 texts: 1 DISCLAIMER, 1 TERMS OF SERVICE, 1 POLICY PRIVACY. Each one with minimum of 150 and maximum of 500 words.DISCLAIMER can have just 150 to 200 words, but TERMS OF SERVICE and POLICY PRIVACY should have at least 350 to 500 words.
This texts will be pages for a website wich I use to indicate and promote and talk about others people and companies’ products like books, trainings and webinars related to growing business, earn money, start a business, investments, etc…
The site is LUCRATIVEPATH.COM, I am planing to show it worldwide. I would like that you copywriter emphasize that we are not responsible for the results that they will have, and that them information given to us is safe, we act with respect and according to the law.

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